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Tension Leveling Lines


There was a time when flatness was not much of a quality consideration.  If the metal would fit between the knives of a shear or the dies of a press, somehow the operators would turn out sheets, blanks, or parts.  

In today's highly automated manufacturing environments, however, that is no longer good enough.  A wavy edge, center buckle, or curled corner can jam a production line.  With the sophistication and high operating cost of computer-controlled production equipment, it is not surprising that manufacturers are insisting on tension leveled strip.

10a_Tension.jpg (18533 bytes)

tension leveling systems are flattening everything from dead soft aluminum to nickel-stainless alloys with yield strengths as high as 300,000 PSI.

They are processing strip from 0.001" to .250" thick...in stand-alone tension leveling lines and continuous strip processing lines.

Applications range from hot rolled steel (tension leveling/scale breaking) to surface sensitive materials such as bright annealed stainless steel and aluminum lithographic plate.

A Win/Win Situation...

When you install an tension leveling system, your customers will not be the only ones who benefit.  You will gain operating and economic advantages, too.  For instance, you will find that tension levelers are much easier to operate than roller levelers.  There are only two adjustments: elongation and angle of wrap.

TENLEV1.jpg (31673 bytes)
Strip entering this galvanizing line has buckles and wavy edges that would be unacceptable in the finished product.


TENLEV2.jpg (35896 bytes)
Tension leveled strip entering the exit looping tower is exceptionally flat.

You can increase your line speeds and produce more because tensioned leveled strip tracks so much better.  You can pickle strip faster with less acid because tension leveling breaks up the scale.  Your maintenance costs and downtime will drop when you stop running strip with poor shape.

Your coated and plated product yields will be higher, since it is so much easier to get uniform coatings and platings on tension leveled strip.
  Best of all...your company will become a more competitive force in the marketplace when you offer the advantages of tension leveled material.

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Last modified: November 12, 2007

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