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Level Quench

Flat heat treated plate...
No problem.

12a_Quench.jpg (15329 bytes) Heat treatment of armor plate, abrasion resistant plate, and saw blade material has always been difficult due to the severe distortions produced in the quenching process.

Now, has designed and successfully put into operation, a heat treating process that can provide light gauge plate with the flatness you require.

This innovative unit can process material without post temper leveling. Internal stresses and strains are eliminated and the material stays flat throughout the fabricating process. quench units can be used on plates from approximately 0.25" to 6" (6mm to 150mm) in thickness.

The specially-designed level-quench accepts the plate from the austenizing furnaces. The leveler then removes any scale and flattens the plate, insuring a completely uniform quench. Subsequent controlled quenching also contributes to flatness by controlling contraction during cooling.

The result?
Flat, heat treated plate.
No problem.

12b-Quench.GIF (24943 bytes)

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Last modified: November 12, 2007