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Coating/Plating/Galvanizing Lines  

GALVPOT.jpg (26001 bytes) can provide turnkey lines for the application of special coatings to running metal strip.  We can supply you with equipment for hot dip galvanizing, electrolytic zinc plating (using consumable or non-consumable anodes), electrolytic plating using chrome, nickel and other alloy coatings, electrolytic tinning lines, hot dip terne (lead) coating lines and painting lines for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  


The demand for galvanized steel is soaring because of its strength and corrosion-resistance, which make it ideal for appliance, automotive, and commercial construction applications.  On top of that, now there is a surge in galvanized steel framing for residential housing.  With a total of thirty new galvanizing lines and major modification  projects since 1962, has the engineering and manufacturing expertise to design and build a line that will give you a competitive edge. ELECTIN1.jpg (33523 bytes)


DoubleTime Strip Accumulator


If you want to increase the speed of a light gauge coating line, check out our DoubleTimeTM strip accumulators. We replaced the conventional looping towers in a coil coating line, and added enough strip storage -- in the same amount of space -- to permit a 100% increase in line speed. 

We can help you get a larger share of the market for zinc-aluminum coated steel roofing with our new TRaction Prepainted strip is finding its way into more and more applications as metal fabricators realize its advantages.  Steel, aluminum, electrogalvanized, and other substrates can be coated with acrylics  alkyds, organosols, plastisols, urethanes, zinc rich paint, or dozens of other decorative and functional coatings.  can design and build a line to suit your specific requirements


GALVPRO goes to market with this line.

Weirton Steel and Hoogovens Staal joined forces under the banner of GALVPRO to produce high quality, zinc-coated steel.  They chose to design and build this line, which coats up to 400,000 tons per year of galvanized steel for framing, siding, roofing, doors, appliances and other products.

The line galvanizes strip from .008" to .040" thick, up to 60" wide.  Finished coils weigh as much as 50,000 pounds.  Unlike typical construction grade galvanizing lines that rely solely on the reducing atmosphere in the furnace to clean the strip, this line also has an   WHITE GLOVE cleaning section.  

It also has a two-high skin pass mill and a tension leveling section that produces extremely flat strip with a very paintable surface.

Take a look at some



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